Das Gleis

„Das Gleis – ein Spiel des Lebens“ ist der Titel dieses ausdrucksstarken Liebes-Pas-de-deux, mit dem Tina Vasilaki und Fernando Moraga (Dimensions Dance Company) im Großen Haus begeisterten. Ihr modernes Ballett zählt zu den schönsten Momenten des 22. Münsteraner Tanzfestivals

"The Platform - A game of life" is the title of this expressive Love Pas-de-deux, with Tina Vasilaki and Fernando Moraga (Dimensions Dance Company). Their modern ballet was one of the most beautiful moments of Münster 22. Dance Festival.

by Isabell Steinböck. Münstersche Zeitung. Münster, 2014
Mozart's Requiem

"When the music starts, and Mozart's "Requiem" begins, they show a dance that takes virtuosity in itself".

"Classic lines combine with contemporary movement vocabulary, dancers impress with long legs, big jumps and beautiful elevations. If they drop, roll on the ground or kneeling with arms stretched on the ground, the fragility of their existence was felt".

"Succeed, many strong moments when soloists turn in the light cone, the ensemble posing in a geometric formation or show couples graceful pas de deux. At the end there are four dancers, hidden under a cloth on the floor. A white dove flying on - a beautiful picture".

by Isabell Steinböck. Westfälische Nachrichten. Münster, 2014
Sonata for Two

"...with all their artistic qualities revealed Tina Vasilaki and Fernando Moraga in an inspiring "Pas des deux“...”

by Axel Engels. Westfälische Nachrichten. Münster 2013
In Between

"Among the highlights of the evening was one of "In Between", a pas de deux by Tina Vasilaki and Fernando Moraga, who brought the elegance of classical ballet with the dynamics of modern dance to create a harmonious and masterfully danced synthesis"

by Helmut Jasny. Münstersche Zeitung. Münster, 2013

"Beautifully - lyrical ballet showed Tina Vasilaki and Fernando Moraga as Dimensions Dance Company..."

by Isabell Steinböck. Westfälische Nachrichten. Münster, 2013